• strADegy is a Louisville ad agency driven by a passionate team of creative thinkers, problem solvers, number crunchers and pixel pushers. We dedicate ourselves to increasing consumer interaction with our clients’ business to drive profit. At strADegy, we hunker down with our client partners to implement strategic marketing that delivers quantifiable results. It may sound tough, but work isn’t really work when you love what you do.

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Creative Sampling

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University of Louisville Hospital

University of Louisville Hospital

University of Louisville Hospital Billboard
The Vint Julep

The Vint Julep

The Vint Julep
Qdoba University of Louisville Student Center

Qdoba University of Louisville Student Center

Qdoba Game Room at the University of Louisville Student Center
Peoples Bank & Trust

Peoples Bank & Trust

Ashley Armor Branding
Heine Brothers' Icons

Heine Brothers' Icons

Coffee Web Icons
University of Louisville Stroke Team

University of Louisville Stroke Team

University of Louisville Stroke Team print
Ashley Furniture HomeStore Wine & Design

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Wine & Design

Wine & Design Email Design


jane pfeiffer stradegy advertising

Jane Pfeiffer


Jane’s 10 years of experience leading an advertising agency follow 17 years in media research and sales at WHAS-TV. A dedication to the idea of advertising as a total system fueled her motivation to go into business for herself and the result is strADegy advertising.

In charting the most effective ways to spend your advertising dollars, Jane is committed to collaboration, flexibility, transparency, accountability, and most importantly, tracking and analysis. Jane is dedicated to ensuring that everyone in and around this agency knows where they are headed and just how to get there; clients included. Jane will lead and inspire both your and our teams to produce great work and will challenge us to exceed expectations every day.

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Three Lies Keeping You From Success


What’s the ONE Thing you can do that will make everything else easier or unnecessary?

This is the resounding question asked by Gary Keller in his insightful book, The ONE Thing. At its core, the book is about achieving remarkable results when you focus your energies on just one thing at a time. I could write for days about what this book taught me, but in the spirit of the moment, I’ll stick to just ONE part.

A crucial part in the journey Keller takes you on is understanding the lies between you and success. There are six: everything matters equally, a disciplined life, willpower is always on will-call, a balanced life, big is bad, and multitasking. To give you just a little taste, I will introduce you to three of the lies below.

Everything Matters Equally

All too often, things in our lives feel urgent and important to the point where everything seems of equal importance. To address this urgency we become ‘busy’, but do we actually get any closer to success? Busyness rarely takes care of business. For you competitive folks out there, success is not a game won by whoever does the most.

Instead of making to-do list, which often weigh you down with trivial, unimportant stuff, make a success list. A success list is a distillation of our to-do list that contains only the tasks to you move you forward to success. Take out the ‘Should do’s’ from the long list of ‘Could do’s’.

Big is bad

The saying, “go big or home home” is very much appropriate here. If you fear big success, you’ll either avoid it or sabotage your efforts to achieve it. Think big, act bold, and don’t fear failure. In fact, fail as fast as you can. This will get all the wrong answers out of the way and clear the runway for your breakout success.


My favorite lie of them all. There are a lot people in this world who have done a great job of convincing the rest of the planet that they are multi-taskers. As a result, we strive to follow suit. As a result of that result, all us multi-taskers are just doing multiple things poorly. Even our computers are given the title of multi-tasking. But the truth of the matter is that your device can only process one bit of data at a time. The term was only given to these devices because of the great speed to which they can read data. So, why would we hold ourselves to the impossible standard if not even our iPhone can do it? Figure out what matters most in the moment and give it your all!

That’s all you get for now. Pick up a copy of The ONE Thing for yourself to learn more about the six lies and discovering your ONE thing. Here’s to success!

Together We Can Flourish Mural


Taking quick walk breaks has always been a habit I try to incorporate into my workday. Whether it’s to seek out inspiration, grab coffee or just to take time to myself to clear my head of the stresses that are waiting for me at my desk, those 15 minutes never fail to improve my work once I return. Read More

How Our Creative Team Keeps Their Minds Sharp

Artboard 1

Like any tool or skill, artistic ability can become rusty. It’s the same feeling an athlete who hasn’t trained or practiced in a while would have. You sit down at your desk, ready to create, you’ve got an idea, and it just won’t appear on the page. Something is off, and no matter how hard you squint and sweat and try, you can’t get it right.                                                  Read More

Fortune Favors the Bold



“Fortune favors the bold.”

I’m not sure when I first heard that, but it was either during a war movie or a BBQ potato chip commercial. You grow up dreaming of making bold decisions, but very rarely are you offered opportunities to make them. And even when you get a chance to make one, fear sometimes rears its ugly head, forcing you to run away like a child dipping his or her toe in the ocean. Read More


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