• strADegy is a Louisville ad agency driven by a passionate team of creative thinkers, problem solvers, number crunchers and pixel pushers. We dedicate ourselves to increasing consumer interaction with our clients’ business to drive profit. At strADegy, we hunker down with our client partners to implement strategic marketing that delivers quantifiable results. It may sound tough, but work isn’t really work when you love what you do.

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Creative Sampling

Latest Creative Pieces

University of Louisville Hospital

University of Louisville Hospital

University of Louisville Hospital Billboard
The Vint Julep

The Vint Julep

The Vint Julep
Qdoba University of Louisville Student Center

Qdoba University of Louisville Student Center

Qdoba Game Room at the University of Louisville Student Center
Peoples Bank & Trust

Peoples Bank & Trust

Ashley Armor Branding
Heine Brothers' Icons

Heine Brothers' Icons

Coffee Web Icons
University of Louisville Stroke Team

University of Louisville Stroke Team

University of Louisville Stroke Team print
Ashley Furniture HomeStore Wine & Design

Ashley Furniture HomeStore Wine & Design

Wine & Design Email Design


jane pfeiffer stradegy advertising

Jane Pfeiffer


Jane’s 10 years of experience leading an advertising agency follow 17 years in media research and sales at WHAS-TV. A dedication to the idea of advertising as a total system fueled her motivation to go into business for herself and the result is strADegy advertising.

In charting the most effective ways to spend your advertising dollars, Jane is committed to collaboration, flexibility, transparency, accountability, and most importantly, tracking and analysis. Jane is dedicated to ensuring that everyone in and around this agency knows where they are headed and just how to get there; clients included. Jane will lead and inspire both your and our teams to produce great work and will challenge us to exceed expectations every day.

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How to Conquer Your First Client Call

How to Conquer Your First Client CAll

Your job title doesn’t place you on the Account Service side at the agency, but you find yourself staring at your first meeting invite for a client call. I can sympathize with the initial gut reaction of panic. If you’re anything like me, your comfort zone lies at your desk digging into campaign analytics, not on the phone with clients. These steps will help you rip off the band-aid, so to say, of your first client call.
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4 Tips for Creating Company Culture


strADegy liked cats before cats were cool. Does that make us unique? Probably not… but has your company embraced cats into their culture, calling employees strADcats and recognizing their achievements with Kitty Awards? I’m guessing the answer is no. That’s what makes strADegy unique – our culture. This day in age, company culture plays a crucial role in the success and happiness of the workforce. Gone are the days of employees choosing their next company based on just the benefits and the pay. Today’s workers expect an imaginative company culture that allows them to form connections with other employees and to their workplace as a whole. So how do you create culture? Read on for tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way while helping build the uncommon and quirky culture at strADegy:

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Perspective First


You know the feeling. It’s the first day back in the office after vacation. You’re rested, relaxed and everything seems possible. Surely the work isn’t as hard as you thought. By noon, the euphoria is gone. Shoulders are tense, heart rate increases and you are officially back in the grind. It feels as if you never left the office.

The bliss of those first few hours is from a combination of optimism and distance from the worries. A refreshed perspective breeds enthusiasm and makes you hyper productive . . . until your bad habits kick in.

I’ve always been eager to dig into the job and understood success is more likely as a result of hard work. I believed that the more productive I am, the more positive I would feel and that optimism would yield the perspective needed to manage the work.

Wrong! Starting with productivity is thinking backwards. Yes, what you accomplish influences what you feel, but not in a constant proportion. When perspective is the first priority, it yields a positive attitude and increases productivity. Garner that perspective by starting each day with 10 minutes to reflect on recent accomplishments and then prioritize future opportunities and what work needs to be done. Don’t fill those precious 10 minutes with work, but with thinking and reflection. Making this a habit will allow you to apply that vacation high to each day.




3 ways to improve your digital marketing strategies

3 Ways to Improve your Digital Marketing Strategies

Last week I was having dinner with a friend who owns a small business in town. We started talking about his current digital marketing tactics. He was struggling with engagement rates and generally connecting with his audience. He posed the question, “how do I improve my marketing without a team of people and on a small budget?”.

I asked that we first take a step back and look at his approach. I ended up providing 3 simple checkpoints to implement into his campaign concepts. I’ve written out those 3 methods here which you can use to integrate into your marketing strategies today.
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My First Year in Advertising

Constant. Stressful. Confident. Awesome. These are the four words that describe my first year at strADegy.

After just graduating from Bellarmine in May 2015, I landed my first big girl job as an Account Coordinator at strADegy just a little over a year ago. Now that my one-year anniversary is coming up, I wanted to take some time to reflect on my first year in advertising.


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