Bring the USL to Louisville - Orlando City Soccer. A strADegy logo & branding exercise.

In Kentucky we know one thing for certain: we love our sports. So when we heard there could be a USL Soccer team coming to town, we couldn’t stop thinking about all the creative possibilities. Thanks to inspiration we drew from the Derby City and the enthusiasm of the Louisville Coopers, we came up with a collection of team identities. Sure, a team move to Louisville isn’t official yet, but they don’t call us the Possibility City for nothin’.

Louisville Elite Soccer Uniform Kit - jersey, shorts and socks

The simplicity of the name Elite was inspired by European soccer. In Europe team names are almost solely based on the name of the cities and communities they are a part of. But when teams do have names, simple words like United, Arsenal or Elite are used.

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Louisville Futbol (Football) Club Uniform Kit design - jersey, shorts and socks

Another traditional European take on a possible team name. The design is based on the original Louisville flag. The checkered pattern was inspired by the popular designs frequently seen on Jockey Silks.

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Louisville Lads Uniform Kit design - soccer jersey, shorts and socks

GQ recently named Louisville “The Manliest Town in America” and we’re proud of that distinction. We thought it’d be appropriate to incorporate that manliness in a team concept. Just imagine this dapper Louisville Lad with a Louisville Slugger resting on his shoulder, sipping bourbon, betting on the ponies and kicking the hell out of a soccer ball.

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Louisville's Derby City Mashers Uniform Kit design - Soccer jersey, shorts and socks

The name "Derby City Mashers" was inspired by two things that Louisville is known for: the Kentucky Derby & Bourbon. "Mashers" comes from the bourbon distilling process and “Derby City” is one of our city's common names dedicated to the celebration that surrounds the fastest two minutes in sports.

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Louisville's Derby City Sternwheelers Uniform Kit design - Soccer jersey, shorts and socks

Sternwheeler: A steamboat driven by a single paddle wheel at the stern. Named after our city’s most iconic floating landmark, the Belle Of Louisville. On the surface the Belle is a picture of our city’s charm and heritage but the power that drives that 3 story 170 ft. ship is everything but cute.

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Louisville's Commonwealth United Uniform Kit Design - Soccer jersey, shorts and socks

Our state's nickname "The Commonwealth" was the inspiration for this team name. We are known for our thoroughbreds, why not let that fast and strong symbol be the face of our team. This is a symbol that all Kentuckians can relate to and be proud of.

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